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Hi Guys! Thanks for supporting small hand crafted eco friendly fashion! This month we have a special sale with FREE SHIPPING tank tops, tees and the entire store with promo code FREESHIP


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How to Keep it Organic in 2017 April 20 2017, 0 Comments



We can all live healthier lifestyle by going organic. Organic is the natural way to grow food and other products because it use the power of nature instead of toxic chemicals. Here are some of our favorite ways to keep your lifestyle as organic as possible in 2017.

1. Grow a garden
Whether it is in your window or in your front yard it is never to soon to grow your own organic garden and start eating organic produce. Most gardening stores sell organic soil and if you are feeling really adventurous you can try composting and create your own organic soil from kitchen scraps.

2. Support Organic Fashion
There are so many option available now for sustainable eco fashion, and the comfort and quality is amazing. By supporting designers that source as locally as possible and use organic and recycled fabrics as much as possible we can make a difference.

3.Shop at your local farmers market
Our carbon footprint from importing produce from non local sources is massive, and it is the reason that buying local organic produce form your local farmers market is so important. Not only do you get a higher quality and healthier product when you buy organic produce from you local farmer, you also help the environment buy reducing carbon emissions making the world a better place for future generations



Keeping it Organic in the Spring! March 25 2017, 0 Comments

I have been staying busy releasing our popular new organic tees and apparel and I could not be happier doing it. It Has been such a wonderful opportunity to dress you and our many amazing fans in eco-friendly clothing and I would't change it for the world. Keep you eyes pealed for new organics and more eco-friendly options as we work daily to make Naturwrk as eco-friendly as possible. From Organic and recycled fabrics, to eco-friendly ink, and minimal recycled packaging and an array of made in the USA apparel -  I make every effort to make Naturwrk a truly eco-friendly clothing brand. Check our now tanks and organics.
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